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When you are ready to review, please copy the questions below and paste them into a new email. After you input your feedback, please email to:

Thank you so much for supporting our vision and being a part of the launch of our website.

Please feel free to be completely honest. You will not hurt our feelings!

We appreciate and respect your input and look forward to hearing your opinion before we launch.

Please try your best to make it through each page of our website, if possible.

We value your time and effort very much!

  1. What was your first impression once you clicked on our site?

  2. If you did not know us, would you be interested in our website or products?

  3. Do you have an understanding of the brand we are building? If so, how would you describe it?

  4. Do you see any grammar or puncuation errors on the site?

  5. Is there confusing wording on the site?

  6. Do the color choices seem bland or peaceful?

  7. Is the website visually appealing?

  8. Does the site feel professional, yet welcoming?

  9. Is the website easy to navigate?

  10. Is there anything missing on the website that you would like to see?

  11. Do you have additional comments or suggestions for the website?

  12. What do you think of our pricing?
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