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  • Marissa Hitt

The Meaning Behind Our Pet Portraits

Our pets show us true love.

They are one of your best friends. Although your precious pet has never spoken a word to you, you've had countless conversations throughout their lifetime with their gestures & multiple facial expressions.

Their whole heart is shown in their eyes.

Are you looking for a relationship that is completely transparent?

Besides a relationship with Jesus, a pet is one of the most transparent relationships you will ever receive.

When I create pet commissions, I feel as though I can see their personality in a single photo, & my mission is to capture their spirit on watercolor paper.

It makes me happy to know that I can give a treasured & timeless gift to everyone who visits, & I am thankful for all of the wonderful words these joyful pet owners have sent to me...

Receiving a custom painting of a pet is such a personal, timeless, & thoughtful gift. It is my pleasure to create a watercolor painting of your beloved furry family member.

- Marissa
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