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Melane & Co. watercolor dog painting of Miniature Schnauzher

Capturing the heart of your beloved pet is the goal.

We desire that each piece created

will become a treasured keepsake

that brings even more joy to you & your family.

is almost here...

2023 Jenny Shipley Branding White Iron FL-20.jpg
Marissa Hitt with Golden Retriever Beau

Through every season of life,

feathered & furry friends see tears,

hear secrets, and learn habits.

We believe your pet is one of a kind.

Our goal is that your pet's portrait will reflect their personality,

& show all of the special details only your precious pet carries.

Artist Marissa Hitt painting Golden Retriever dog portrait


I commissioned a special watercolor of our three dogs to give to my wife for her birthday. Our dogs range from 6 lbs. to 125 Ibs. and are different breeds each with unique features and colors. This created a real scaling challenge! Marissa did an absolutely amazing job capturing the image and spirit of our pets! I was very impressed with her attention to every small detail. She is truly a gifted artist. My wife was so surprised that she cried when I gave her the gift. She is ecstatic about Marissa's finished product and has since framed it for us to enjoy for years to come! We could not be happier and
highly recommend Melane & Co."

Dr. Jay Oltjen

Dr. Jay Oltjen

Miniature Schnauzher Misty
2022 Jenny Shipley Family Hitt-63.jpg

Would you like a cherished

remembrance of your pet?

Fill out the form for your custom keepsake below.

After you complete the form, we will be in touch within 1 - 2 business days

We look forward to creating a special piece 
that showcases the love you & your pet share.
Watercolor artist Marissa Hitt Melane & Co.

The Process


To begin ordering your pet's portrait, please fill out our quick form below.


After you have filled out our form, please email several photos of your pet to We will compile a quote & send it to you after we receive the photos. Please make sure to check your spam/junkmail inbox so you don't miss anything.


When your pet's painting is finished, we will send you a photo of the portrait & ask if there are any minor changes you would like added to the painting.


Once we know the painting of your pet brings you joy, we will ask for your address so we can ship the custom portrait to you.


5.5" x 8.5" = approx. 117

9" x 12" = approx. 155

Prices will vary if background and/or accesories are requested

Choose your paper size:

Thank you for submitting your form! We will reach out to you in 1-2 business days. We look forward to painting your precious pet!



Pet portrait cards give you the opportunity to share their portrait with family & friends.

Melane & Co. watercolor dog painting notecards

After you invest in a custom pet portrait, you have the option to order a

special box of ten notecards featuring your precious pet for an additional 24.97.


If you already have your pet portrait, please email us at

if you would like to have your pet's portrait placed on custom-made cards!

Request Pet Portrait Cards

Thank you for submitting! We will reach out to you in 1-2 business days.


How to Secretly Order
a Pet Portrait Present

You may want the portrait to be a surprise, so we put together our best tips on how to be part of the process of ordering a pet portrait without your future recipient knowing.

Marissa Hitt on floor with Golden Retriever Beau jumping.jpg
Golden Retriever Beau

How to Take Picture Perfect Pet Photos

Here are some tips to email us picture perfect photos, so I can paint your pet with all of their special little details such as their shades, their personalities, & the light in their eyes. I want to bring you joy with your pet’s portrait, & all of their unique features are what make them one of a kind.

3 Reasons Why a Pet Portrait is Special

Our pets (whether they are furry, scaled, feathery, etc.) are our family members, & we strive for each of our custom portraits to reflect their unique personalities.

Marissa Hitt holding Golden Retriever Beau
Melane & Co. Golden Retriever painting and portrait

3 Ideas for Your Pet's Portrait

We desire each of our pieces to be treasured keepsakes, & to bring even more joy to you & your family.

To ensure your custom portrait is just what you desire, here are 3 ideas for your pet's portrait. We can add these delightful details to the painting upon request

FAQs -
Pet Portrait Edition

Once you order a painting of your precious pet, we will make sure their sweet soul will be featured in a portrait that will be your keepsake for many years to come. Animal lovers understand that pets are family members, & we strive for each of our custom portraits to reflect their loving, quirky, & joyful personalities.

Melane & Co. Golden Retriever painting
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