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We are a mother & daughter team who create watercolor animal prints, cards, & custom pet portraits & floral paintings that represent innocence, light, love, & joy.

Our hope is that you experience delight

each time a Melane & Co. piece enters your life.

Marissa Hitt Melane & Co. Watercolor Artist

the artist 


Imagine a time when you were a child & were able to look at children's books filled with sweet animals & nature scenes. Life was simple, & it still can be. Creating prints, cards, custom pet portraits, & floral paintings for you & your family to be surrounded with that simple inspiring innocence of a child is our mission. When I’m not perfecting my craft, you can expect to find me modeling, reading a book, or enjoying chocolate chip cookie dough.

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Marissa Hitt Melane & Co. Watercolor Artist
Terri Hitt Melane & Co. Purposed Parent/Connected Child Podcaster and Mom Coach

Because I raised one set of children, before starting the parenting

journey "over" with a new generation of two more daughters,

I see & respect the challenges mothers face as they seek to parent

 with strong values. That's one reason it is important to me to offer

light-filled, joyful items that inspire & delight families.

Another way I desire to impact hearts & homes is through my podcasts,

"Live With Eternal Perspective," & "Purposed Parent/Connected Child."

Both podcasts encourage & equip women 

to choose Christ over culture & parent with confidence & connection.

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Terri Hitt and Marissa Hitt mother-daughter bond Melane & Co.


Terri Hitt Purposed Parent Connected Child Podcast and Melane & Co. Bold Journey interview

Bold Journey Magazine Interview

In this heartfelt interview, Terri talks about raising two sets of children over the course of two generations to creating Melane & Co. with her daughter, Marissa.


Bold Journey Magazine Interview

In this interview, Marissa reveals how Melane & Co. has always been a part of her life, her advice to "non-creatives," & three qualities she holds dear.

Marissa Hitt artist of Melane & Co_
Melane & Co. Marissa Hitt Watercolor Artist and Homeschool Hints Podcast Guest

podcast interview - Homeschool Hints

This podcast episode is all about defining your passions, how Marissa grew Melane & Co. as a homeschooler, & the mindset it takes to stay inspired by those around you (without comparing their talents to yours).


CanvasRebel Interview

In this interview, Marissa talks about earning her first dollar as an artist by accident & the untold journey that led her to the mission behind Melane & Co.

Marissa Hitt Melane & Co.
Terri Hitt Podcaster and Motherhood Coach

podcast interview with Kristen Clouse 

Terri shares her yearning for women to take each moment captive for eternity on her weekly podcast, “Live With Eternal Perspective.” Already a follower of Christ when her oldest daughter passed away unexpectedly at the age of 29, Terri experienced the provisions of God in a deeper & more personal way through her deepest loss, & now mentors others to be intentional about eternity daily.

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podcast interview with Terri 

Marissa is back on the Live With Eternal Perspective podcast, hosted by Terri, sharing insight & thoughts about faith, peer pressure, & living with eternal perspective. This podcast episode is available on, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, as well as Spark Media Network.

This episode is sponsored by Melane & Co.

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Terri Hitt and Marissa Hitt mother-daughter duo Melane & Co.
Terri Hitt Podcaster and Motherhood Coach

podcast interview with
Circle 31 International Ministry

Since she started motherhood at 18 years old, Terri was once the youngest mother in any group. Now, she is now raising her second set of children with her husband of 43 years. Because her position has shifted to being the oldest mother, Terri recognizes and respects challenges mothers currently face as they seek to raise godly children in present-day culture. 

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VoyageKC Interview

Marissa talks about the heart behind Melane & Co., how she began modeling, the ups & the downs, & everything in between in her interview with VoyageKC.

Marissa Hitt Voices And Models and Watercolor Artist

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