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"Marissa's Milestones" - An Unforgettable High School Graduation Party

On my graduation party day, I woke up early to pick up dessert with my dad, freshly-baked glazed, chocolate glazed, & maple syrup donuts. Sleeping in was an option, but there’s something special about getting donuts with your dad on the day of your graduation party. Several hours later, after a full morning of getting ready and packing boxes into our two vehicles, the Hitt family arrived at La Villa.


Back in April of 2022, I had reserved La Villa, a venue with architecture that leaves you in awe. Once a church in the 1920’s, La Villa is classy, yet modern.

Marissa in a well-lit white hallway with black chandeliers, white door, and black sconces

Black chandeliers on a high ceiling in a big white venue with black tables holding frames and curved archways

Two black chandeliers on curved white ceiling

Ivory table with frames and white chairs for graduation party guests

Curved windows and a white interior with table, frames, and chairs for graduation party guests

In addition to being a lovely location for a graduation party, La Villa completed the look for my senior photos, taken in July of 2022. It was incredibly exciting to take photos in the same location my party would take place in.

Marissa in ivory-colored satin with hand under chin looking away

Marissa in black jumpsuit and high heels sitting on windowsill of curved white window seen through curved archway


Once my family & I stepped foot into La Villa the day of my graduation party, June 25th, 2023, we got to work, & as always, we made a great team.

Reflective mirror sign that says, "Marissa's Milestones" with table holding gray Bible and frames with white parasol on floor

Frames with Golden Retriever, dress sketch design, girls family photo, ballet shoe slippers, Bible, and pastel watercolor swan painting

Table with frames and keepsakes for Marissa Hitt's graduation party


When I started planning my graduation party, I dreamed of a venue with white walls & professional photos to last a lifetime. These images will be memories for the years to come.

Marissa, the graduate, looking back wearing high heels in fancy dress with pearls and diamonds on long sheer sleeves in front of white window

I prioritized photos by getting them taken before and during the party, & I’m so thankful I did. While I was in front of the camera, my amazing family continued to decorate the space.

Marissa Hitt looking away from camera posing for graduation party as a high school senior

Marissa, the graduate, sitting on a light blue chair wearing fancy graduation party dress with white parasol beside chair

Marissa Hitt looking at camera with serious expression hair curled and graduation party dress with diamonds and pearls on long sleeves with white parasol beside light blue chair

Marissa Hitt close-up portrait looking down with hair curled

After I took my individual photos, Brooklyn stepped in frame. As my family likes to say, Brooklyn is the spice to my sugar. That being said, she’s one of the best sharers I have ever met & would do anything for her family. Brooklyn has taught me persistence, how to "tell it like it is," and that every breath is a gift.

Big sister and little sister hug at graduation party photoshoot in pastel-colored clothing

We couldn’t leave out some sweet father-daughter moments, which I will always treasure. He's the reason why my tricycle license plate spelled out, "Daddy’s Girl.”

Father and daughter embrace with Marissa smiling

My mom saw my vision for this graduation party, just like our shared perspective for Melane & Co. We're alike in many ways & are often told our mannerisms match one another’s. A mentor, business partner, & best friend. Mom, you are my sunshine.

Marissa Hitt and Terri Hitt mother and daughter smiling at one another in fancy dresses hair curled for graduation party

Marissa Hitt and Terri Hitt mother and daughter looking at camera smiling

As I look through these photographs, I see an afternoon that was filled with joy & a family who always supports me.

Family photo with dad, mom, and sisters in fancy clothing with white background


Oh my goodness. This dress. There are few things in life I call keepsakes. Books, handwritten notes, jewelry, & certain outfits.

Outfit sketch with silver wax seal and sparkles in pearl frame

“I just want you to sketch your dream dress for your graduation party.” Mom had asked me to sketch my ideal dress, then secretly contacted our good friend, Jaxson Wyatt, who brought my design to life. As I was working out the dress’s details, I wanted it to be timeless with a bit of dazzle to it. I will keep this dress forever.

Marissa Hitt with hands behind back and details on fancy graduation party dress

Marissa Hitt in fancy attire in front of white window with sunlight coming in

Marissa Hitt looking away from camera with serious face


“Could you please pray I don’t forget the dessert?” I asked, with a smile in my voice. It was the evening before the party, & I was on the phone with one of my closest friends. Thankfully, the sugary sweetness was not forgotten. The 3 flavors of donuts and the mini Crumbl Cookies were savored. Next to the donuts & cookies were clear dispensers of sweet tea, water, & milk. It was a delight to place my hand-painted labels to go along with each refreshment & dessert.

Catered Crumbl Cookies Red Velvet and chocolate chip with frosted and glazed donuts for party

Watercolor tags for food in cursive calligraphy paint

Non-alcoholic option drinks at party


I thought it would be sentimental to personalize my gifts for my friends & family, but in the thick of the school year, I didn’t know if I would have the time. My senior year of high school consisted of college classes, graduation ceremony committees, social media work for several pages, painting, & dedicating time to those I love. It was an unforgettable year. Although, as the date of my graduation party approached, I was a little disappointed there wasn’t a way to get pretty, personalized party favors that were also affordable. Then, I had an idea.

On a whim, I ordered blank notecards. I contacted my friends & family who had not RSVP’d yet & made it my personal mission to craft a card to everyone who could make it. On the front of each card was a name, an individual who was a part of my life, & on the back were my words written with them in mind.

Decorative letterboard with notecards at graduation party with sparkly background and wax seals


As soon as we finished setting up, my friends & the rest of my family arrived. Photos were taken, conversations were shared, & memories were made at this unforgettable high school graduation party.

Exterior of La Villa venue for graduation party

This party wouldn’t have been possible without the special people in my life. Thank you for celebrating another milestone with me.


Marissa Hitt looking at camera in pearl and diamond dress for graduation party headshot portrait

"Marissa's Milestones" - An Unforgettable High School Graduation Party Credits:

Venue: La Villa

Photos by Jenny Shipley

Dress design brought to life by Jaxson Wyatt

“Marissa’s Milestones” sign: Blush & Lumber

Donuts: Fluffy Fresh

Cookies: Crumbl Cookies

Senior photo hair and makeup by Ashley Marie


Lynna Fitzpatrick Chesney Beach
Lynna Fitzpatrick Chesney Beach
Aug 08, 2023

I don't know you personally but I think you must be a special person. Grandma Jolene and I used to go to the same church


Shawna Wright
Shawna Wright
Jul 28, 2023

What a beautiful description of a beautiful event all planned and executed beautifully by a beautiful girl and her beautiful mother! Thank you for sharing these photos alongside your memories of the special day!!

2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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