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3 Ways to Prep Your Space for the School Year

Can you believe school days are already upon us? This is a wonderful time to begin prepping your home and changing your schedule to get back into the swing of things.

We hope our short & sweet tips help you & your family feel more prepared.

Take a Small Amount of Time to Tidy Up

As summer comes to an end, you may still find yourself with a full schedule before school starts. We believe completing a chore or two a day will make your space back to school ready in no time. This may look like picking up odds & ends when possible, reminding your little ones to check supplies, and helping them ready their backpacks. Or it could mean dedicating an amount of time each day to particular tasks. It's the little things that count (& add up).

Terri Hitt, Marissa Hitt, and sister in clean white for family portrait

Shop for Success

The new school year is also a wonderful opportunity to change up your family's space with decor, cards, & keepsakes that will bring you even more joy through the next seasons. Pretty little prints would look perfect in your little one's study corner.

Watercolor deer wall print to refresh the space and add decor

Pink background with baby duck watercolor 8' X 10" wall print

Cute cards like these are worth fawning over, & they add a sweet touch to any teacher-appreciation note.

Opening a watercolor deer card

Our furry family members are with us during everyday moments that offer joy & for every difficult day that life may bring to us. At the end of the day, our precious pets are the ones patiently waiting for us to arrive home. A custom pet portrait keepsake that encapsulates their personalities is a timeless remembrance that can honor their loving & loyal hearts.

Watercolor Goldendoodle custom pet portrait

Watercolor custom country pet portrait of brown horse in whimsical teacup with flowers

Carve out Quality Time in Your Calendar

Once class is back in session, it can be challenging to find the time to spend with the ones you love. By taking a peek at your schedule & finding ways to bring you & your little ones together before the busyness of the school year comes along, you can face the coming months with intention. Finding moments to make more memories together in the flurry of the fall & winter months will grow you as a family, & will allow you to bring more joy into your hearts & home - even if your schedules look a little different from your carefree days spent in the summer's sun.

Terri Hitt and daughter hugging in front of pink background

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