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Cultivating & Creating Innocence

Innocence is such a beautiful quality.

Simplicity & sweetness can be seen in children & animals, but it is our belief that this virtue is also apparent in the young at heart.

We believe innocence is found in the careless laughter of your little ones, in the eyes of a young animal, in smiles, in the quiet beginning of a new day, & in the heart of one seeking purity & joy.

In a world where innocence is often understated or overlooked, embracing this state of being is something we strive for. It's something we want to express & share with others.

This kind of purity can be found in daily living. We simply have to desire & seek it. When we find it, we embrace & present it to others.

Nature also helps to craft this trait. We believe beauty is found in our environment, which is why we take delight in creating God's work through our prints, cards, & portraits.

Other ways to embrace innocence within ourselves could look like reading His Word each day.

To us, being innocent doesn’t mean we don't know about or haven't experienced the valleys of this world. We simply seek His goodness & light. We choose to view the beauty He has crafted within this world, rather than become disheartened by the trials & tragedies.

Children are growing up in a rapidly changing world. As parents, we have the privilege & opportunity to encourage & cultivate the purity of youth. We can take delight in their childhood, & in return, nurture a longing for it. In the process, we become more youthful at heart as we help them to preserve this cherished attribute.

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