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Lessons as a Mother/Daughter Duo

After one year of building a brand (we prefer to call Melane & Co, a lifestyle, though), we want to share some of the lessons we have learned as a mother/daughter team!

Marissa: We have grown so much in our relationship through creating Melane & Co. We have always been close, but after creating this lifestyle, we have seen that we can be brand partners, as well.

Terri: What a joy it is to create with you! I love the way our creativity connects and we are able to share ideas, dreams, and laughter as we work.

Marissa: Me, too. Our relationship is such a gift. I'm thankful that you always surrounded me with innocent and inspiring artwork, whether it be in my bedroom or with children's books with sweet illustrations. I don't believe I would carry the same perspective for Melane & Co. if it weren't for these cherished memories.

Terri: Every child deserves the light of innocence to be reflected in their home. I'm so glad we can play a part in helping families capture beautiful pet portraits and send surprise notes to others with beautiful illustrations that inspire joy. It's a gift to do this with you!

Marissa: I agree, and it is such a blessing to have this life alongside you, one of my closest friends. Okay, I have a question: is there a piece of advice you would have given us a year ago when we officially launched Melane & Co.?

Terri: This may be surprising, but I think the only thing I would say is to remember to soak in what we do as we do it. Just as in life, people can sometimes be so focused on where they want to go that they miss "living in the moment." I'm not saying we do that, but I want to make sure we really pay attention to the joy we get to live together. What a privilege it is to plan and still rest in each moment of progress, enjoying the blessings of creating and dreaming together.

Marissa: I wouldn't have guessed you would say that, but your answer makes sense! I wish I would have come to Melane & Co.'s mission sooner. I adore creating joyful and innocent decor through watercolor prints and cards, as well as painting custom pet portraits that serve as cherished keepsakes. I wish I would have agreed to establish that vision sooner, but I'm glad I have it now. Did you ever wonder if we would start a business/lifestyle together before we launched Melane & Co.?

Terri: I didn't think specifically about a business together, but I knew that you would be doing something art related with your life! What about you?

Marissa: I agree! I have always been drawn toward art in one way or another - whether that be through ballet and contemporary dance, flipping through home decor magazines, or finding what inspires me on Pinterest. Like we discussed, I was always surrounded with books and inspiring artwork, but what facets of your childhood do you believe you have taken into Melane & Co.?

Terri: Goodness! That's a question that makes me think a would probably be my fondness for books! Which brings this conversation full circle. Earlier you mentioned your gratitude for books and illustrations, and I know you especially appreciate those with joyful artwork and wholesome messages. Stories and visuals have such great impact on people, especially children.

Marissa: I love how our conversation rounded back to books, and I agree. Which brings me to my next question: what do you wish you saw more of in children's lives today?

Terri: Joy. Children are pushed toward adulthood far too quickly. Simple pleasures of childhood such as playing outdoors, observing nature, or reading a book Mom and Dad haven't had to censor...are gone. So many things rob innocence and delight, and this generation of youth is being cheated out of childhood. I wish more children carried deep joy.

Marissa: Everything you mentioned is so true. I am grateful that you allowed me to pursue the dreams snd passions placed in my heart, while also spending time with me by going for walks, enjoying the outdoors, and more. Do you have any parting thoughts?

Terri: I love and appreciate this journey we travel together. Thank you for trusting me to partner with you.

Marissa: We are incredibly blessed for all of the support we have received. Thank you for being my mom and partner, as well. I love you very much.

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