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  • Marissa Hitt

Why I Keep Every Card I Receive

I have been keeping every card I receive for a few years, & these cards are some of my favorite mementos. Cards are messages we can hold in our hand, & because of this, are absolutely timeless.

Watercolor notecards with duck and sparrow

Here are a few reasons why I keep every card I receive:

Heartfelt Handwriting

I appreciate people’s handwriting. Each individual’s handwriting is unique, just like everyone’s voice is uniquely theirs. A lot of us don’t always love our handwriting, but I adore seeing letters written out with different scripts. That’s one of the reasons cards are so special. With text messages & emails, we are accustomed to reading from the same font. Although everyone writes out messages with their own tone of voice, there’s always the added bonus of seeing their handwriting. Our Instagram Stories may come with several fancy fonts, but some occasions can be celebrated to the fullest with a card that is signed & sealed. After all, your handwriting is a font itself that is uniquely yours.

White stationary with deer cards in box

Wonderful Words

I was recently scrolling through messages that were a few years old, & I was able to laugh & feel touched by those conversations. Cards give us the same opportunity to bring a smiles on our faces, while also seeing a loved one’s handwriting & style of writing. My text messages typically consist of plans on where to meet for coffee with a friend or quick reminders of work we need to get completed that Mom & I send each other. However, when I write cards, it can be a little extra special because I’m telling you how grateful I am to spend time with you, & why you’re such a special person to be around. That’s just one of the reasons why I think snail mail is something we need to keep - when we write a card, it’s just a way to go a little above & beyond to give someone a message. Cards come along with special occasions like birthdays, graduations, holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, & more.

Darling Designs

Looking at card designs & seeing what kind of card someone gives me excites me. We all have ways we express ourselves, & I believe our card choices can reflect a glimpse into our personalities. The next time you send a card, imagine how special it will be for your recipient to receive a card that has a design that matches your style, handwriting that is uniquely yours, & a message that was written with care. It doesn’t get any more timeless than that!

Marissa Hitt, Co-Founder and Artist of Melane & Co.


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