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  • Marissa Hitt

3 Simple Ways to Find More Joy

I believe life offers the gift of joy, and we have to intentionally seek it.

Deepening our walk with Christ is our straight & reliable path to finding more joy. We can also extend the light & love He gives us with others, while also finding joy in our friends & family members.

Saving Meaningful Messages

Have you ever received an incredibly kind message? A few years ago, I received one of the sweetest messages from a good friend, & I took a screenshot of her wonderful words. I began to save every text that touched me, & I recently created a digital folder for them all. Meaningful messages can be small puzzle pieces to peace if you’ve had a long day, or they can be there for you if want to reread some wonderful words.

Spend Time With Your Furry Family Members

Our pets bring us a new perspective on undeniable love, so spending time with them can be one of the perfect parts of any day.

Sending Someone Joy Through the Mail

Writing a card is such a personal touch in our digital age. It has brought me joy to see mail addressed specifically to me and I hope our cards give that type of excitement to each person who receives one. Writing a letter, coupled with a cute card, is an opportunity to bring more joy to your life, & to someone else’s, as well.

One Last Thought

When we intentionally seek Jesus’s joy in our lives, we not only find a state beyond happiness, but we are able to give this perspective to others, too. We can live even brighter days through acts of kindness & sharing joy with one another.


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