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How to Write a Joy-Filled Letter

Writing or receiving a letter is old-fashioned in the best of ways.

Instead of an email or text that can be glanced over, a note can be read with care.

That is why it brings people joy when they receive a beautiful, thoughtful card.

Here are several keys to a joy-filled card:

Pretty Penmanship

Heart-filled handwriting is one of the most important ways to make your recipient feel appreciated. Rushed penmanship can seem like the sender had better things to do than write a note, while pretty penmanship lets the recipient feel as though the writer had all the time in the world to craft a lovely letter with thoughts centered around the receiver.

Superb Sentences

Vocabulary is another key to a note-worthy card. Using distinguished descriptions adds more polish to your sentences, so go ahead & favorite the thesaurus on your computer to impress your recipient & express your heart more fully.

Know When to Write

Emails & texts are today’s letters, but sending off a little snail mail is sometimes the way to go. Here are some events to consider picking up a pen & beautiful notecard:

  • Expectant friend or family member

  • Congratulating the newlyweds

  • A friend or loved one’s birthday

  • Birthday Invitations or Children’s Birthday Invitations

  • Condolence card

  • A "Thinking of You" note

Pleasant Package

The last thing to consider? Finding a pretty card to send off. Our cards fit any occasion, & can send light to your friends or loved ones.


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