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NEW: Watercolor Wall Prints, Reimagined™ - Classic Designs from Our Shop with Custom Measurements

We are happily hung up on this all-NEW launch!

It's a delight to announce that our classic wall prints, available in our shop, can now be ordered in sizes ranging from 5" X 6" to 20" X 16"

Melane & Co.'s Watercolor Wall Prints, Reimagined™ provides a personalized experience to our online shop, allowing you to pick a wall print design & have the artwork resized.

Ranging from 5" X 6" prints to 20" X 16" prints, select our decor that is created with intention & suitable for your specific home space.

"The Swan" with measurements of 10" X 8"

Melane & Co. The Swan wall print measuring 10" X 8"

"The Swan" with measurements of 20" X 16"

Melane & Co. watercolor swan wall print next to frames on a table with decor

Watercolor Wall Prints, Reimagined™ Q&A:

How much will it cost to purchase a wall print with custom measurements?

Prices vary according to the wall print dimensions you desire, but prices should not exceed $45, as the largest print size we offer measures 20" X 16"

How long will it take to receive my wall print with custom measurements?

What if I want to commission a custom painting, then also want to receive a wall print of that painting?

Melane & Co. watercolor swan wall print measuring 20" X 16"

Introducing: Watercolor Wall Prints, Reimagined - Staple Designs from our Shop; Custom Sizes:

Photos by Jenny Shipley


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