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  • Marissa Hitt

The Story Behind Our Swan Design

Maybe it’s because I took ballet for 6 years (as ballerinas can be compared to this graceful cygnus), but I think there’s something so beautiful about swans.

Perhaps it’s their humble beginnings, their downy, white coats, their purity, or all of the above—they’re just stunning to me.

The Story Behind Our Swan Design

The story behind our swan design didn't start with a selection of watercolor paints, but with my love for all things grand, graceful, & charming.

Victorian Gardens white bouquet next to watercolor swan cards by Melane & Co.

That's why we are delighted to add this beautiful card & wall print in our shop.

Our blank notecard with the swan design showcased on the front is the kind of greeting that may easily glide right into your family & friends' hands.

Brooklyn opening a pastel watercolor swan card by Melane & Co.

With a multitude of brushstrokes & pretty pastels, our swan is sure to add a little extra elegance to any space.

Watercolor swan wall print for baby nursery, kids/girls bedroom, or elegant home by Melane & Co.

Swans represent grace, beauty, love, trust, as well as loyalty, & our swan will bring an extra touch of sophistication to any wall or mailbox.


Marissa Hitt, Artist of Melane & Co. in black and white with paintbrush


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