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  • Marissa Hitt

An Inside Look at Our Brand Photoshoot with Florals, a French Bulldog, Swan Cards, & Joyful Moments

I looked down at the beautiful white blooms in my basement & hoped they would remain safe for the photoshoot the next day. A couple closed doors away was Beau, our Golden Retriever who had already expressed his interest in the florals.

The ethereal arrangements were crafted with care by Victorian Gardens, & thankfully, did make it safely past our venue's grand black doors.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea & take an inside look at our brand photoshoot:

Amy Cason, Floral Designer at Victorian Gardens white flower arrangement with anemone and white rose flora

An Inside Look at Our Brand Photoshoot


This summer, Melane & Co. is blooming with watercolor petals. What a delight it was to put paint to paper & create some blooms to celebrate our most recent launch, custom floral paintings.

Victorian Gardens flowers next to Melane & Co. orchid watercolor painting

Melane & Co. dandelion watercolor painting with paintbrushes

White hydrangea flowers with pink peony watercolor painting by Melane & Co.


Flowers aren't the only surprise blooming. Our packaging has received a little pup-grade! With a dependable white box and tissue paper that keeps your pet’s painting snug, each custom pet portrait is more ready than ever to be unleashed & loved.

Melane & Co. custom pet portrait of French Bulldog dog painting

Marissa Hitt next to watercolor portrait of French Bulldog painting through Melane & Co.

Melane & Co. watercolor painting of custom French Bulldog portrait


When I was younger, I received a butterfly kit, making butterflies my temporary pets. Now, creating this Melane & Co. baby blue butterfly was beyond compare & my paintbrush is poised for plenty of one-of-a-kind paintings.

Melane & Co. pet portrait painting of pastel baby blue butterfly on canvas

Melane & Co. mini butterfly painting on canvas


This delicate design won’t be singing a swan song anytime soon, because these beautiful birds are meant to be kept as keepsakes. Made with premium card stock & care, these cards may also be placed in a picture frame or on your desk to serve as décor.

Melane & Co. swan card in office style setup

Melane & Co. swan notecards on decorative table
Swan wall print


We all got in front of the camera for some cherished mother-daughter moments. It’s a true gift to have these photos for personal & Melane & Co. use, as well as for mom’s ministry.

Terri, Marissa, Brooklyn mother-daughter photoshoot for Melane & Co. and Purposed Parent Connected Child

Brooklyn, Terri, and Marissa Hitt

Mother-daughter holding hands

This photoshoot showcased Melane & Co.’s growth thanks to God, & the relationships we have made. Thank you for being a part of our lifestyle.


Melane & Co. artist Marissa Hitt


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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