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The Heart Behind the Art: Amy Cason, Floral Designer at Victorian Gardens

I met Mrs. Cason, the owner of Victorian Gardens, at a photoshoot in 2021. While I was in front of the camera with this elegant arrangement, my mom chatted with Mrs. Cason about all things floral.

Model Marissa Hitt by floral arrangement from Victorian Gardens

Up close of summer florals by Victorian Gardens

Pastel summer flowers by Victorian Gardens

Mom later told me the fun facts she learned about flowers while talking with Mrs. Cason. I was amazed by Mrs. Cason's knowledge & experience, & she left a memorable impression on me.

Recently, I branched out & began creating floral paintings. As I was planning this Melane & Co. photoshoot, I knew I would incorporate some of my paintings with petals, & my heart was set on adding some arrangements into the mix, too.

Because I was in awe of her work & expertise since our summer shoot in 2021, I contacted Mrs. Cason. I received some beautiful blooms for our brand photoshoot, but I also gained a stronger connection to a talented artist.

Interview with Amy Cason, Floral Designer at Victorian Gardens

It is a blessing to read Mrs. Cason's answers to my questions, as she showcases her growth & grit as a florist:

1. What inspired you to become a florist?

Growing up on a farm in north KC, my grandmother taught me all about gardening and the use of all growing plants. We would flip through pages of her books and magazines filled with information and guidance of nutrition values and the healing benefits of plants.

At the age of seven, I remember gathering wildflowers, putting them in a glass, and fiddling with them until they looked just right. My mother said “You could grow up one day, get a job making flower arrangements.” I laughed and said, “No one would pay for me to play with flowers!” That conversation always stuck with me and after I graduated, I looked up going to Floral Design Institute. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the materials for that dream. Instead, I began working at a local Hy-Vee in their Floral department. 5 years in, they began to groom me to take over, and I realized I could create a biz working solely in the wedding/event industry and then created Victorian Gardens. Named after that beautiful, glossy, English garden magazine that graced my grandmother's coffee tables, Victoria magazine. 27 years later we are still going strong.

 Amy Cason with Victorian Gardens looking down at colorful floral arrangement

2. Which blooms are always in season?

My favorite year round flowers are roses and tulips. There’s a lot of others, like carnations and mums, but I gravitate to more of the garden flowers.

3. How would you describe your floral designs in three words?

Garden, loose, free-form.

Close-up of Victorian Garden roses and ranunculus flower

4. Is there a floral arrangement that is perfect for any occasion?

I feel a hand tied bouquet of flowers is always perfect. To hold in your hand or place in a vase.

5. What should others know about your services?

We can help you navigate through the expense. If you go in blind ordering flowers it can be so very expensive. Let us help you on cost cutting and budget saving ideas and tips. We can help you find great deals on in season flowers.

Amy Cason of Victorian Gardens holding detailed pastel floral arrangement

6. What’s something others may not know about being a florist?

It is not all beautiful and glamorous, and we don’t "play with flowers all day,” it is very taxing on the body. These past 32 years I have fallen off ladders and on wet floors, lifted and carried heavy crates of glass and buckets of water. We climb stairs in old buildings that have no elevator and drag everything over rough terrain to get out to open fields for remote wedding locations. We design in 110+ degrees temperatures. The pretty part is only a small part of what we do.

Amy Cason Victorian Gardens white floral arrangement on gold platter and beige background

6. Why do you LOVE your job?

I count it a joy to be apart of the union and picture of Christ and His bride. So many wonderful families we have met and feel apart of as they start this new journey together. I am truly blessed.

Amy Cason Victorian Gardens white bouquet on gold table in marble vase

7. How do you run your business?

Victorian Gardens Floral Design has always been a God-given, Christ-centered business. Each year is prayed over and given over to Him. The clients we book and the ones that don’t, I know have been sent by or away by Him. He knows the load of clients we can handle year from year and what I can manage along with raising a family. He directs my path. Knowing this help, with the stress of running a business, and though it may not be the popular opinion, it works best for me.

Amy Cason with Victorian Gardens surrounded by floral arrangements

Mrs. Cason's story & dedication as a floral designer is unlike any other. What a joy it is to know & work with a talented business owner, florist, & Christ-centered individual like Mrs. Cason. Our Melane & Co. photos wouldn't have been complete without Mrs. Cason's home-grown, top-tier flowers & kind-heartedness.


Victorian Gardens white flowers by watercolor artist of Melane & Co. Marissa Hitt

2021 pink dress photoshoot hair and makeup by Hello Lovely KC

Photos by Jenny Shipley

Floral arrangements by Amy Cason - Victorian Gardens Floral Design

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05 de set. de 2023

Beautiful enough to frame and use as decor!

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