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A Look Back on One of Our First Brand Photoshoots

Hi, it's Marissa

It has been two years since we captured these cherished memories. Time passes so quickly, but I am delighted to say these photographs evoke a sense of timelessness. While I was planning this photoshoot, I envisioned photos that could be passed down generations.

Our main objectives for this photoshoot were to receive photos for us, the Hitt girls and for Mom's ministry In this shoot, we found our winning photo for her Purposed Parent/Connected Child Podcast, & many for Melane & Co.

Terri Hitt and Marissa Hitt in mother-daughter photoshoot

Motherhood coach Terri Hitt

Motherhood and mindset coach Terri Hitt holding hands with younger daughter

Younger daughter portrait

Marissa Hitt with younger sister

Marissa Hitt with sister in family photoshoot

Marissa Hitt standing next to little sister for photoshoot pose

Melane & Co. lifestyle brand business owner Marissa Hitt hugging Mom Terri Hitt

Terri Hitt podcast host of Purposed Parent/Connected Child

Marissa Hitt Terri Hitt and little sister in mother and daughter photoshoot moment

In addition to capturing special mother-daughter moments, we let Melane & Co. pieces shine in front of the camera.

Hello Deer watercolor notecards by Melane & Co. in front of stationary
Hello Deer watercolor wall print by Melane & Co.

Golden Retriever Melane & Co. custom pet portrait next to Golden Retriever photograph
Waddle Waddle duck wall print art by Melane & Co.

Custom pet portrait by Melane & Co. of Schnauzer painting
Pink alpaca watercolor wall print art by Melane & Co.

This photoshoot may always be one of my favorites. If you'd like to take a peek into my creative process in planning this mother-daughter & brand photoshoot, I created another blog post, coupled with my best styling advice.

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Marissa Hitt Terri Hitt and little sister in mother and daughter timeless and elegant photoshoot moment


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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