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A Year in Review: Floral Paintings, New Cards & Wall Prints, A Graduation Party, Photoshoots, Press, & More

Hi it's Marissa,

What a year it has been! I am typing this in my room where a majority of our card & wall print designs are placed... Organized, creative chaos is the culmination of life right now, because Melane & Co.'s cards, wall prints, & original artwork will be showcased in a coffee shop that is dear to me (more on this at the end of the blog post)!

Without further ado, here's a recap of the past 365 days!

Melane & Co. artist Marissa Hitt with watercolor painting


I once said I would only paint watercolor animals, such as custom pet portraits & critters for our shop, but somehow, custom floral paintings are now a part of Melane & Co.! I just completed my largest watercolor floral painting, which was a milestone of a moment. For each floral painting, I study every stem, leaf, & petal with care. Adding custom floral paintings to my palette is yet another way to spread more joy through Melane & Co.

Melane & Co. custom floral painting on canvas

Melane & Co. watercolor floral art painting


After creating some floral art pieces, I had to place some flowers in our shop, too!

Melane & Co. watercolor wall print painting of anemone flower

Melane & Co. watercolor orchid flower notecard
Melane & Co. watercolor anemone flower notecard


Not only can I create commissioned paintings on watercolor paper, but I now work with canvases, as well. My first dog painting on canvas was this cute as a bow, blue-eyed French Bulldog.

Melane & Co. watercolor pet portrait on canvas


From designing my dress to hand-painting dessert & refreshment labels, this graduation party was a celebration of milestones made & the ones to come. I had to add in our swan print, too. Our 8" X 10" swan wall print is available in our shop, & we had our swan made into a 16" X 20" print to hang in our office. Also... we offer a custom dimension wall print service, which just launched (info at the bottom of our Shop page)!

One of the most talked about features at the party was my personalized note board. I created hand-written letters to each guest who RSVP'd, & it was touching to reflect upon specific memories with my guests & express my thanks to them in written form. I am all about adding in some sentimentality, so creating miniature notecards addressed to each family member & friend was a priority.

High school graduation party for Marissa Hitt

Graduation party donuts with hand-painted labels

Graduation party refreshments with hand-painted labels

Marissa Hitt graduation party table
Marissa Hitt with hand-written notecard letterboard


Placing beloved people, products, & paintings in front of the camera is always an exciting occasion for me. I pick our outfits, make lists of the photos I want to achieve, create paintings & pick out Melane & Co. products from our store, & it's always a pleasure to capture some moments in time with Mom.

Melane & Co. watercolor artist Marissa Hitt at photoshoot

Melane & Co. watercolor pet portrait artist Marissa Hitt

Melane & Co. alpaca watercolor wall print
Melane & Co. pink piglet watercolor wall painting art print
Melane & Co. Hello Deer watercolor wall print
Terri Hitt's hand on Marissa Hitt's shoulder


This past summer, I took the mic for Midwest Parent Educators' Homeschool Hints Podcast, where I spoke about defining your passions, how I grew Melane & Co., & the mindset it takes to be inspired by those around you without comparing their talents to yours.

In addition to recording the podcast episode, Mom & I were both featured in Bold Journey Magazine as a mother-daughter duo. In our individual interviews, we talk about our life stories, our journey with Melane & Co., & the qualities we value most.

Melane & Co. artist Marissa Hitt

Terri Hitt and Marissa Hitt mother-daughter of Melane & Co.


I can't wait to create more watercolor paintings in 2024, while also seeing where God leads. I'm excited to announce that my art pieces will be displayed in Homer's Coffee House during the month of January (starting January 2nd). When I was six, I showcased my artwork in Homer's, & it's so good to be back! If you stop by Homer's Coffee House, we would love to see your stories & posts. Share your memories with us by tagging us on Facebook & Instagram!

Homer's Coffee House

7126 West 80th Street

Overland Park, KS 66204

Melane & Co. Homer's Coffee House invitation


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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