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Designing High School Graduation Party Invitations & Thank-You Cards

Designing my graduation party invitations was one of my favorite ways to prepare for the celebration. Because I strived for a classy, refined, yet heartfelt card presentation, I naturally took inspiration from wedding invitations. I created my invitation and thank-you card designs on a blank digital page, & it is a delight to have invites and thank-you's that are customized and crafted.


I wanted to showcase my senior photos, & I designed a double-sided invite with a photo on the front & back of the card. On the front, I featured my name and graduating class year. I went for simplicity; a modern, yet classy touch. The card has a matte finish, which elevated its quality. In card design, looks are important, but so is texture, which is something we also take note of for our Melane & Co. cards.

Marissa Hitt's high school graduation party invitation

The back of the card was an exciting challenge. I had to fit all of my graduation party details on the back, such as the date and time of the event, the venue address, & I wanted to add in that it was a dressy casual event.

Marissa Hitt's graduation party invitation design


Every detail at my graduation party was intentional, & I wanted my invitations to be just the same. Three months before the party, I began teaching myself how to create wax seals. Each seal took about a minute to create, & it is incredibly meaningful to know that each invitation was purposefully produced.


Inviting old friends, new friends, & family members was not only sentimental, but memorable. I invited special individuals I have known for years & friends I had only known for several months. When I delivered my graduation party invites in-person, I often got the privilege to see others’ reactions when they opened their cards. I sent a mixture of physical & digital invites. I considered which option would be the most convenient for my guests depending on their lifestyles.


Before my graduation party, I designed & ordered my thank-you cards. I received some graduation gifts in advance from those who could not attend the party, so I am thankful the whole graduation card process was completed in advance, as I sent several thank-you cards before the celebration.

Marissa Hitt's high school graduation party thank-you cards

Marissa Hitt's high school graduation party thank-you card design

Marissa Hitt's high school graduation party thank-you card

I wrote a message underneath each cursive "thank you," & these graduation cards are some of my favorite designs I have created with digital tools.

One of my main objectives for my thank-you cards was to reflect my invitation design. I used the same fonts I placed on my grad invites while also selecting photographs that complemented my invitation images. I wanted to be intentional with my invites and thank-you cards, because tangible keepsakes are very dear to me. Every seal was hand-crafted, & every card sent with care.

Designing my graduation cards was an unforgettable experience, & it was a wonderful way to anticipate my graduation party. Also, you're more than welcome to share this blog post with a family or friend who is going to graduate or get married!


Marissa Hitt in graduation party venue

Designing High School Graduation Party Invitations & Thank-You Cards Credits:

Venue: La Villa

Photos by Jenny Shipley

Cards designed through Canva

Note: Melane & Co. is not affiliated with Canva. This blog post is created with the intention to provide inspiration.


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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