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  • Marissa Hitt

3 Things I’ve Learned as a High Schooler & Lifestyle Business Owner

As a recent high school graduate, I have found how important it is to take time for reflection. During these past several years as Melane & Co. came to be, I have met some amazing individuals, and I’ve realized how meaningful it is to pursue passions.

01 What I Loved as a Child is What I Love Now

As soon as I could pick up a paintbrush, I began painting. I spent my elementary school days in Kansas City art galleries, admiring artistic children’s books, writing, & creating collages.

When I began high school, I aspired to be a magazine editor and designer, then a graphic designer. In between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, Melane & Co. came to fruition. Then, I realized the facets that make Melane & Co. are interests I have always had. After Melane & Co. came to be, I was interested in going to art school, but that wasn’t the path for me. As I am writing this, I am reminded of this wonderful quote from a fellow artist:

Melane & Co. Cady Driver quote about practice and perseverance

Whether you’re looking for a job, trying to find your major, or hoping to find a new passion, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Melane & Co. questions about identifying your interests and passions

02 Ask Others Questions About Their Passions & Occupations

Even if others’ professions differ from yours and seem unrelated, I have found that many occupations carry common qualities. Here are some of my favorite questions to ask others:

Melane & Co. questions to ask others about their lives

03 The Art of Pursuing Your Passions

Last but not least, it’s important to note that others won’t always understand your pursuits, & that is quite alright. I’m thankful that my parents raised me to pursue the passions God has placed in my heart, something I discuss on the Homeschool Hints Podcast.

Melane & Co. Marissa HItt interview for Homeschool Hints Podcast by Midwest Parent Educators - MPE

In this podcast episode, I discuss the power of defining your passions, how I grew Melane & Co. as a homeschooler, & the mindset it takes to stay inspired by those around you (without comparing their talents to yours!).

I hope this blog post inspires & motivates you. It's such a gift to share our gifts with one another, so I'd love to read about your endeavors in the comments.


Melane & Co. watercolor artist


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