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Featured: Mother-daughter Moments in CanvasRebel

Not too long ago, we were both featured in Bold Journey Magazine, and we are excited to announce the two of us are also featured in CanvasRebel.

We are thankful that we get to celebrate this lifestyle together & share it with you. In each of our interviews, we address some questions we often receive, and we reflect on Melane & Co.'s story.

Daughter and mother Marissa Hitt and Terri Hitt of Melane & Co.

"I began painting as soon as I could pick up a paintbrush, &

I have been creative at heart ever since."


Artist Marissa Hitt


  • How Melane & Co. came to be

  • What you may not know about a day in the life of Marissa

  • A rewarding part about being a business owner & artist


Business owner of Melane & Co. Marissa Hitt

Daughter and mother Terri Hitt

"Children grow up too quickly, but parents have the ability to guide that process with beauty and gentleness that

molds godly character."


Terri Hitt


  • The kind of legacy Terri prays for

  • The Hitt family story - adoption, loss, being the youngest - then oldest parent

  • Terri's perspective on Melane & Co.


Daughter and mother Terri Hitt

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