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Featured: We Both Got Interviewed by the Same Magazine

It's not every day that we have the opportunity to share our stories for the same magazine, especially as a mother-daughter duo. We've accomplished so many milestones together, so we count it a true gift to be featured on the same platform.

After Marissa finished her interview with Bold Journey, she suggested a few entrepreneurial individuals & one of them was Terri, of course! A few weeks later, Terri completed her interview. Marissa reflects on the beginning Melane & Co. & what qualities matter most to her. Meanwhile, Terri talks about being a very young parent surrounded by middle-aged moms, then being an older mom over two generations of kids.

Terri Hitt and Marissa Hitt looking out mother-daughter bond business owners of Melane & Co. Bold Journey Interview


  • Marissa's take on generosity

  • How Melane & Co. came to be

  • Losing two precious dogs & how that grew Marissa's perspective on pet portraits

  • Three qualities that matter to Marissa & Melane & Co.

  • A personal story that shaped Marissa's outlook


Melane & Co. Artist Marissa Hitt with painting interview with Bold Journey Magazine



  • Terri's take on beginning motherhood at eighteen

  • Raising two sets of children over the course of two generations

  • The experience of being the youngest, then the oldest mom in the room

  • Starting a podcast after being a mother for 40+ years

  • Creating Melane & Co. with Marissa

  • Practical parenting advice


Terri Hitt with Purposed Parent Connected Child Podcast host, mother, and Melane & Co. Co-Founder

We take such delight in sharing our stories with you, & there are always more to tell. Leave a comment on this blog post or send us a message on any of our social media pages, as we would love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions.

Terri & Marissa


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