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  • Marissa Hitt

How to Make Someone's Day

One of the best skills my mom taught me was how to write a letter.

Even though I did not always feel like writing notes, my mom encouraged me to write "thank you" cards for any type of gift I received. Now, giving and receiving cards are two special events I look forward to.

Even as a teen, one of my favorite things to receive is a handwritten note in the mail.

I believe seeing someone's handwriting allows me to catch a glimpse of their personality. Reading their words on paper gives me time to really understand what they are expressing.

Giving or receiving a card adds such a personal touch in our digital age. It has brought me joy to see mail addressed specifically to me and I hope our cards give that type of excitement to each person who receives one.

While posting this adorable photo of my sister on my Instagram Story, it reminded me of how wonderful cards are, & how they are one of my favorite ways to correspond with someone.

When you send a card to a person you care about, they will appreciate the thought of you taking the time to personally write a handwritten note to them, & when you receive a card from someone else, you can think of the act as a timeless intention.

We hope you keep giving & receiving joy.

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