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  • Marissa Hitt

Every Piece Tells a Story

Having a story or feeling in mind is one of my main inspirations for creating artwork.

I adore pieces that welcome an imaginative story or a heartwarming thought. Each animal in nature has a unique personality, & I portray each piece I create as a breathtaking moment in time.

Our business journey allowed us to find our mission. Receiving an art piece from us gives you the opportunity to have a joy-filled experience, as that piece occupies space in your home. We desire for our artwork to inspire you and bring you pleasure.

The next time you are searching for decor to embellish your space, I hope you look for pieces that bring you genuine joy.

Here are a few of our art staples that when purchased, bring light into your home, and a story, as well.

Our “I Love You, Deer” print features a mother with her beloved fawn. I created this piece in hopes of possessing another painting to post to our Instagram, but when I placed the blank watercolor paper on my desk, the finished product became one of our most favored works of art. “Fawning Over You,” reflects a raw and precious moment of a mother deer and her young, portraying the beautiful breed’s ability to form relationships. This piece will be available soon, and is a decor statement that you and your guests will think of “deerly.”

Speaking of deer, our print, "Hello, Deer" has a unique story, as well. About halfway through creating our beloved fawn, I was about to throw my painting away because I was not certain it had the potential to be a good painting. I continued painting, finished, & "Hello, Deer" became one of my favorite paintings that day. I posted her cute little face on my Instagram Story, & received a couple of kind comments. Little did I know, she would be part of our furry & feathery company that brings joy to many, & be one of the adorable faces of our prints & cards!

Several months after completing "Hello, Deer," my mom & business partner had the brilliant idea of creating a new painting of the back of the deer. It was a blessing that I was able to match the shade of "Goodbye, Deer" with "Hello, Deer," & these two truly do make the perfect pair.

Our detailed bunny prints which feature, “Looking For You,” (coming soon) & “Wandering in the Wind,” are pieces that will make you jump for joy! These two beautiful bunnies are my earliest paintings that paved the way for the style I am drawn to, & they inspire me to create many more adorable animals like them.

When you purchase a Melane & Co. piece, you are not only supporting a brand that strives to serve Jesus & creation, but bringing home artwork that radiates light and a story worth remembering.


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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