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Decorating Home Spaces

One of our goals is to create artwork that fits all areas of your home. We want our work to bring honor to what God has created & allow others to see His hand in creation & creativity.

If you are looking for fun tips to decorate the spaces you see each day, we’ve crafted a list you will enjoy.

1. Living Room/Dining Room – The living & dining area is the perfect space to incorporate artwork that instantly lights up the room. The "I Love You, Deer" print features a momma deer with her young fawn, & displays deep neutral shades that will coordinate with any area in your home. This piece displays the bond between two adorable animals & will bring joy into a living room by reminding you of cherished memories.

2. Family Room – Look for décor that compliments the tastes of all family members. Whimsical, fun, and interactive pieces or specially crafted pieces that tie memories or visions together to unify your family are special additions in this area. "Wandering in the Wind" features neutral shades that will complement any room. Our gray bunny jumping through the breeze is sure to bring joy into your family room.

3. Kitchen – This space can easily become the center of the home for family or guests. If the décor of the home follows a theme, it can easily be incorporated in the kitchen. This room décor may be bold, colorful, creative, warm, or fun, depending on the mood and activities of the family. Interactive art, such as bulletin boards and chalk boards are not unusual to find in this area. Artwork that explores the interests of each family member is also a fun addition to kitchen walls. "The Sparrow" is inspired by Matthew 10:29-31. This watercolor evokes peacefulness and is a reminder of God’s promise of protection as you & your family go through your day in one of your most used rooms.

4. Bathroom – The bathroom is the perfect place for fresh & adorable artwork. Above the towel rack or toliet are complimentary places for wall pieces, either in pairs or groups that can create a refined, delightful, or modern look. "Waddle, Waddle" is a perfect piece for any bathroom, because our little duckling looks as though he just finished a blissful soak in a bath.

5. Office – In this room, most used for work, a playful twist might lighten the mood. The pieces chosen can make the area more tolerable for long working hours or evoke a more mature and sophisticated atmosphere. Our adorable custom watercolors of family pets that would complement your office décor while bringing a heart-warming touch to your place of work. A painting of your pet would be adorable next to any family portraits, because after all, our pets complete our family. Imagine your sweet pet painting right next to our cards that fit any occasion. Your office will be the most joyous it has ever been!

6. Bedroom – This room usually exposes your personality in the most genuine way. Personal pieces, items that evoke inspiration, relaxation, or joyful and loving memories are most often what we desire to surround us as we relax or awaken from slumber. "Hello, Alpaca" & "Alpaca, Come Backa" are two prints that can be perfectly paired into any bedroom. Our alpaca fits into any neutral colored space, but he can also be placed in a colorful bedroom for a more whimsical approach.

7. Closet – Small, whimsical pieces offer fun or inspiration in boring tight spaces. By adding any of our prints, original custom pet portrait to a closet, or frame one or two of our cards, the space will look much more inviting, pleasing, & well, joyful! When you purchase a package of our cards, you can frame one of them to have a miniature version of one of our prints, which is perfect if you have a small closet or coat closet.

8. Children’s Bedrooms (or playrooms) – Honest, cheerful, and joyful pieces allow childhood to remain pure and innocent. Maintaining the fresh and expectant attitude of childhood is a gift we can give our children to keep them dreaming and growing toward the purpose they will have in this world. Enable them to chase their dreams through the inspiration they find on the walls of their private spaces. Interests they express should be a lead to guiding the décor of these rooms. "Hello, Deer" & "Goodbye, Deer" are two sweet pieces that lend innocence and imagination to your little one’s spaces.

Our homes should reflect the light we feel in them. When take our cues from what brings joy to our spirit and look for what will add gratitude to our private spaces, we move closer to the peace God desires in our life, equipping us to be better able to spread it to those we love.

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