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Gift Guide: A Mother's Preferred Pieces for Mother's Day

Nowadays it's easy to think mothers have everything they want. Most moms probably do. When it comes down to it, moms are truly thankful for simple things. Healthy children, a loving spouse, life itself. But sometimes it's fun to choose a gift for Mother's Day that mom won't suspect.

Terri Hitt Mother's Day moment with daughter gift guide ideas

Notecards are an adorable selection for the "caring mom." If your mother likes to feel appreciated, is always to one to encourage or compliment others, or simply loves the beauty of sending simple notes to family or friends, Melane & Co. notecards are a joy to mail and receive. Made with high quality cardstock, and decorated with beautiful watercolor images, the cards feel expensive and are a delight to write on.

Terri' Hitt's daughter opening up watercolor note card for Mother's Day gift guide

Watercolor note card for Mother's Day gift guide Melane & Co.
Melane & Co. Mother's Day gift guide packaged watercolor note cards

In this fast-paced world we live in, people rarely slow down to choose a card and compose a hand-written message. Taking the time to do so, then adding moments to find an address, prepare the card for mailing, and send it to the post office takes effort. I wish more people took the time to express thoughts, memories, wishes, or love in this way. I think most everyone would agree that it is special to find a beautifully crafted hand-written note in the mail. Whether you want to lift the spirit of a friend or family member or just say, "hello," I highly recommend the Melane & Co. watercolor cards.

My next pick from the Melane & Co. shop are the beautiful prints. The newest piece showcases an anemone flower in bloom and ready to be picked for framing. Any "feminine" mom would appreciate receiving a stem that will never wilt and always remind her of the love behind the gift.

Anemone Wall Print for Terri Hitt's Mother's Day Gift Guide

If your mom is an animal lover, you're sure to find a print that matches her interest. From pups to swans and in between, our pets will waddle into her heart and pawsibly be showcased in her bedroom or bath.

Melane & Co. watercolor dog wall print Mother's Day gift idea
Golden Retriever Dog Melane & Co. Wall Print Watercolor Painting

Moms don't need much. Love, kind words, and daily appreciation do much to deepen your relationship together. But if you want to surprise your mom with a special gift that won't break the bank, these Melane & Co. art pieces never go out of style.


Marissa Hitt Terri Hitt and Brooklyn holding hands mother-daughter moment and Mother's Day gift guide


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