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3 Ways to Make a Space More Inviting

Walking into a space that gives you a warm welcome & instantly fills you with joy is truly meaningful. That is the reason why there are so many books, magazines, & blog posts like these!

Whether you have busy days or spend casual Sundays with the family, your spaces are meant to welcome you & your loved ones' lifestyles. Our homes are our daily retreats, & it's only fitting that we make them places we love to be in.

We want our spaces & yours to be places full of joy. Here are a few ways to create a space that is oh-so welcoming:

Let Some Light In

Seeing the sun shine in our house always makes us feel brighter. If you're feeling tired in the mornings, one great way to begin your days is to open some curtains & blinds. We also believe it's a small way to make rooms appear more spacious.

Place Out Passions

Whether you have decor that represents your family's favorite team, heirlooms with meaning, artwork with a beautiful meaning, your children's artwork, framed photos you love, or a special custom portrait of a furry family member, your home is your family's haven. We think your home's pieces have the opportunity to reflect the same amount of delightfulness as spending time with one another.

Your decor can be as timeless as your love for each other.

Welcome Hearts Make a Welcoming Home

When we invite Jesus into our homes & hearts, our lives instantly become warmer. Taking the prettiest pictures of your house or owning the trendiest house in the neighborhood are both nice feelings for the moment, but the welcoming prescence of God will be the best feeling of them all.

Although we sometimes end our blog posts with this:

One of the most beautiful taglines we can post is this:


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