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Finding Timeless Decor for Your Child's Room

Your child's room is special, because it is a personal space just for them. It is a room they will grow up in, a room that will hold many memories, & another part of the house they call home.

To make your little one's room a space that reflects their personality, adding decor they can keep for the rest of their lives may be such a treasure to them when they are older. Here's our advice for finding & keeping timeless decor in your child's room.

Neutrals Set the Tone

We may be biased, but neutrals are pretty timeless. As your baby gets older (tissues, anyone?), they want to pick out everything that goes in their bedroom. Decor with neutral colors are perfect for all of the phases your little one will be in & for each new paint color that is added to the walls.

Trends Fade, but Heartfelt Pieces Always Touch Hearts

The top trends for children's rooms pass so quickly, especially for nurseries, but finding heartfelt decor pieces to add to your little one's room are the gifts that will never go out of style. Whether it's a blanket that was handmade by Grandma, an art piece with great meaning, a stuffed animal you had when you were their age, a special portrait of the family pet, or their first piggybank, these are the pieces that will last a lifetime.

Easy Transition Pieces

Decorating your child's room holds so many special memories. From the time the first nursery is created, to the middle years when decorating becomes a project to do together, to teen years when your child is ready to remove some of the selections of the past & choose their own, the timeless neutrals may be moved to other areas of the home. This allows the whole family to admire these gifts, talk about sacred memories, & remember the joy from the past & bring it to the present.


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