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How to Incorporate Timeless Home Decor Into Your Space

Home decor that makes your home feel more like home is essential. It is a great feeling to sit back & feel the joy of a house that reflects you & your family. Your home is a place where memories are made, big & small. Even when life is busier than usual, at the end of the day, it is where you all will be.

Because your home is uniquely yours, the things you place in it matter. From the wall colors to the book holders, these are the items that reflect you & your family's everyday life. It takes a lot to have a full house, but there are some pieces that are simply timeless.

Your Children's Creations

It is nearly impossible to keep everything your little one's make, but you will know the masterpieces that are the most meaningful to you. Whether it's an art piece or a school project, your children will appreciate seeing their work placed in the home, as well as the rest of the family.

Decor From Your Wedding

Wedding decor pieces will always be a classic beauties. Wedding photos, rings on fingers, & framed vows are irreplacable. These are also the special things your children can keep. These are the heirlooms of one of your most meaningful days & will always last a lifetime.

Hang On to the Heirlooms

Although some may feel a little bit historical, they are the pieces that tell a story. Frame them, place them in a shadow box or under a glass dome. If they do not match the style of your home, do not worry, you can always place them in dresser drawers to visit when you feel nostalgic.

Items From Your Children's Baby Years

These little obects are small, but hold such meaning. These are the things your little ones (who will not be as little anymore, but in your eyes, they always will be) can look back on or discover, & appreciate how much their family loves them. We wrote another blog post about timeless keepsakes for your children's rooms, as well. You can read all about it here.

Memorable Memories

It is incredibly easy to save many wonderful pictures to your phone or computer, but there is something so timeless about framing those moments in time.


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