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  • Terri Hitt

Joyfully Decorating Your Child's Room Pt. 2

When my husband and I had our first two children, we were young with absolutely no expendable income. Although decorating our children's rooms was an exciting time, I never felt that I had the opportunity to style them the beautiful, personal ways I imagined.

Twenty years later when we started our parenting years over with our new baby, I felt that the dreams I envisioned for my child's room were finally within my reach.

Over the years I learned an important lesson. Decorating does not have to be expensive. Just because I felt I could not bring a specific theme or vision to life did not mean that I could not take part of that creativity and use it in a smaller scale. As an older mother, I knew that I didn't have to spend much to make our nursery a special and peaceful area to nurture and protect our precious daughter.

I realized there were important questions that had to be considered:

  1. What was my goal with the space? Did I have a central theme to follow or a color pattern I wanted to use? Was I creating a peaceful space for me to feed the baby & play with the baby?

  2. Did I want to use colors the baby would grow into so that I did not have to redecorate in a few years?

  3. Did I want a gender-neutral room that could be used with either sex? Or did I want to be specific with the colors and amount of frills used?

  4. Am I on a budget & prefer to use a simple paint with a few beautiful prints to decorate the walls? Am I able to find adorable wall decor that will easily coordinate with bedding and curtains I select?

  5. Do I prefer to keep the decor simple and use friendly, joyful prints that evoke peace and a nurturing spirit?

  6. May the wall decor I choose be used in other areas of the home after my child is ready for a new room down the road, (allowing me to keep sweet memories fresh each time I include that special piece somewhere else)?

Decorating does not have to be extravagant, fancy, or expensive, but it should evoke the peace and love your heart feels for your precious child. Children grow too rapidly. Society & culture threaten innocence & cause children to mature rapidly. The home should be a place of security and refuge, while spreading joyful smiles & heartwarming memories. Simple pieces from nature or playful pets simply bring smiles & fit the lifestyles of boys or girls.

You do not need to spend a fortune on your little one's room to make it a joyful space. Simply decorating it with love, & getting your child involved with the process is more than enough to make your home an even happier place.


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