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  • Marissa Hitt

Joyfully Decorating Your Child's Room Pt. 1

One of my earliest & best memories is of my mom decorating my room when I was a toddler. My mom hand painted a nature scene full of animals, & each hour dedicated to making my bedroom full of joy was filled with love. She knew the acrylic animals calmed me, & she wanted the room to match my personality.

Now, I create artwork that allows you to fill your child’s rooms with joy. Decorating your little one’s space is so special. Although the walls will be painted again & again, & hobbies will change, as well as trends, each time you redecorate your child’s room, you will want the space to reflect them. I am thankful my mom allowed me to brainstorm ideas for my room & change it anytime I wanted. My walls have had three different colors of paint these past fifteen years, but even though my styles & passions changed, my mom always helped me search for throw pillows, room accessories, & lots more. My dad helped me paint my room it’s current color, white. I hope the memory of the two of us painting over the once lavender walls while listening to my music my dad does not prefer (because it was not made in the 70’s) is something I will never forget.

The memories made in your child's room are priceless. Cultivating a space for your little one is like receiving a blank photo album. The decorating portion is the photo album, & the memories you make are the images.

Creating your child’s room is more than a project. It builds lifelong memories, shows them you care about what they want their space to be, & inspires them to serve others. Trends, passions, & wall colors will come & go, but decorating your little ones’s souls is why filling a room with their interests also means filling your heart & theirs. It is pure joy.


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