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  • Marissa Hitt

How to Have a Joy-Filled Home

Creating a joyful space is important for you and your family.

Your home can be filled with even more light & love thanks to color choices, treasured timepieces, & more.

Here are five ways to create a more joyful space.

1. Display Your Passions

Featuring your passions in a space is a perfect way to showcase the personality in your home. Whether you or your family has a love for big cities, or you all find peace in nature, decorating a space around shared experiences or hobbies is a wonderful way to give the home a little more heart.

2. Coordinating Colors & Textures (or not)

Although your home does not have to have decor that is matchy-matchy, there is something visually satisfying about a texture & color coordinated space. For example, if you happen to have an adorable deer print in one room, wouldn’t it be great to have a matching card set on your office desk, too? Or, if you have simple white frames in another room, clear frames with may look nice in another. While the two frames may be different, this arrangement still continues a pleasing theme with minimalistic charm & varied textures.

3. Paint the Rooms Pretty

Looking at colored chips & collecting them to place on my bulletin board are two reasons why I enjoy going to my local paint store. There are so many colors to choose from, & the options are endless. At the end of the day, it’s important that you come home to walls you are overjoyed with, & if you’re not, it’s probably time to collect some paint chips.

4. Feature Decor for the Family

Nothing is more personal than family portraits that fill the walls, stairwells, & hallways, creating frames that are filled with joy. These are perfect places to place your custom pet portrait, too. As for the children’s rooms, we would like them to meet our furry & feathery company, which are our prints with vibrant yet neutral colors, & adorable faces that can grow up with your darlings through the years. Making your decor personal is a must, & dressing each room with personality that suits the space is a great way to start.

5. Joy Makes a Joyful Home

Hiring the most popular interior designer or purchasing the latest home trends will not fill your home with joy if you are not joyful in it. God’s Word boldly says,

His Word gives us all the secrets to joy, that actually, are not that secret & some turn a deaf ear to. The secret to a joyful home? His joy in you.


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