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  • Marissa Hitt

Take a Chance on Childhood Pt. 1

My elementry school years were filled with brightly-colored picture books with inspiring stories, music, & creativity.

My days were spent doodling, making collages, & writing. I would place anything that I created or photos of anything that inspired me on a large tri-fold cardboard (it was my own form of Pinterest), & I would ensure Mom took a look at it at least once a day.

Those passions were incredibly meaningful, because now at seventeen I am following what I enjoyed at seven, plus I'm listening to music as I type, crafting this blog post featuring my artwork to be posted on our social media pages, & I have to give credit to inspiration I received from the writing & beautiful artwork in the many books I grew up with.

If you are trying find what you are passionate about, I would like to encourage you to look back on the things that excited you in your childhood.

Life may bring you plenty of twists & turns, but I believe all of us will inherit talents that enable us to find our pursuits.

I also believe we have a lot to learn from children. I adore their ability to say what they are thinking, & I love their genuine trust for others. I am inspired by their way of naturally following their interests without second guessing what others will think, & most importantly, I admire their innocence.

Children do not think about the past or the future, but they are fully present in the now.

Little ones are not guarded. They give others their complete trust & love with their whole hearts.

Children find their passions (even if their career choice changes by the week) & they pursue them with their entire being.

In all of these ways, little ones are innocent.

As time has gone by, I have been able to become more & more inspired by being a child at heart, & I believe we are as old as we allow ourselves to be.

Our artwork is for the young & young at heart, & each piece represents innocence, love, light, & joy.

After all,

- Marissa


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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