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A Card for Each Valentine

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show the ones you care about how much you love them. Whether you have a special someone in your life, Galentines, your parents, little ones, or all of the above, a sweet note of appreciation is sure to make anyone's day.

Giving or receiving a card adds such a personal touch in our digital age. Seeing mail addressed specifically to them will bring joy to the ones you care about. We hope our cards offer much excitement to each person who receives one.

For the Old Soul

The Sparrow evokes a sense of peace and reminds us of God's promise to watch over us. Matthew 10:29-31 is printed on the back of each card to remind recipients of God's unending assurance.

For the Fun Friend or Family Member

Waddle, Waddle features a delightful duck & adds a classic touch of fun & whimsy to your card - perfect for that friendly & funny person in your life!

For the Sweet Soul

Our baby deer showcases innocence & sweetness, enabling you to send joy and delight. Your receipient is sure to fawn over this card, coupled with your wonderful words!

We believe a card is one of best ways to tell someone you care for them, & we know your loved ones will appreciate seeing your personal handwriting, your kind words, & a pretty notecard for Valentine's Day or any day!


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