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How to Secretly Order a Pet Portrait Present

Do you have a family member or friend who would absolutely adore a painting of their furry loved one? Our pet portraits make the perfect gift for many occasions because we strive to paint each unique pet's personality. You may want the portrait to be a surprise, so we put together our best tips on how to be part of the process of ordering a pet portrait without your future receipient knowing.

This is the perfect blog post to read before filling out our custom pet portrait form!

Ask Some Questions

Our custom pet portrait form is created to help you receive a painting you or a loved one will cherish, but if you want to gift someone with a portrait of their furry family member without them knowing what you are up to, it's time to ask some questions. We suggest finding subtle ways to know what they like. For example, we currently have two watercolor paper sizes available for our portraits. If you are wondering which size portrait to order for your friend or family member, you could ask them if they love smaller decor pieces or artwork that serves as statement pieces on their walls.

If you ask them for pictures of their precious pet/pets, that helps us create the perfect portrait. We have an easy suggestion about how to do this. You could send a message like, "Your Goldendoodle is absolutely adorable! I just have to see more photos of your furry baby. I would love to see some of your favorite photos of your new family member!"

Set up a Search

If your friend or family member happened to send just "okay" photos of their pet (e.g. blurry photos, filtered photos that alter the pet's coloring, photos with poor lighting, etc.), don't fret. You can still find some portrait-worthy photos! We believe some of the best photos of their pet can be found on their social media pages. After a small amount of scrolling, you can hopefully find some photos of their furry family member. We love high-quality photos, because when we receive clear pet photos, we are able to paint all of the delightful details. If you are interested in ordering a timeless remembrance of your, or a loved one's pet, we welcome you to take a look at our blog post on tips for taking pet photos, which also helps you to find good pictures, as well.

Planning It Out

After you know what size painting you would like to order & have photos of their pet, this is the perfect time to begin the pet portrait process! After filling out our quick form, we will ask for some photos of the pet we can refer to. We suggest sending several photos we can take inspiration from.

If we happen to be booked when you would like the pet portrait, we will email you a printable you can give to your friend or family member that lets them know you purchased a custom portrait just for them.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to send us a message! Our email is, & we make sure to read every email we receive from you.


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