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3 Things We Wish We Would've Done With Our Pets

Losing our two pets, Max & Misty, was one of the saddest experiences our family has gone through. Looking at their photos still tugs at a deep grief in our hearts. Our Golden Retriever & Miniature Schnauzer were our furry family members, & there are a few things we wish we could have done with, or for them, before they passed. We were truly blessed to be able to share over a decade of memories with our sweet babies. We hope telling you what we wish we had done differently will help you to not have the same regrets.

This is why we want to share this blog post with you. Even if you do not have a pet or pets now, we hope you can take some of our wishes with you for the future, & share this blog post with a friend or family member who has a precious pet.

Capture Moments

Although we took plenty of photos of Max & Misty, we are sad we never received professional photos with them. Day to day photos of your pet that you capture on your phone are absolutely adorable, but when you get photos of your pet taken by a professional, we believe you will be excited to hang & display those memories in any room of your house. If you have any kind of pet, we highly recommend setting up a professional photoshoot. We wanted to have one with Max & Misty, and even though we kept saying we would schedule one, we never did, & it is one of the biggest regrets we have now that they are gone. Because of that, were so quick to schedule a photoshoot with our newest family member, Beau. His professional photoshoot was completed when he was only nine weeks old. Photos of your pet at such a young age are priceless.

Plan Portraits

Having a custom pet portrait of your pet is a timeless decor statement you can cherish for years. It is a timepiece for you & your family to cherish, & it is such a great gift to give to someone who has a pet, as well. That is why we were sad we didn't have Max & Misty's portraits in hand until they had already passed. Now Max and Misty's custom watercolor portraits are displayed in a dedicated area of our home. Seeing them beautifully remembered has helped us think of memories with them & helped our hearts through the grieving process. After they were gone, not having their portraits was one of our biggest regrets. Although we had lost other pets & family members before them, losing Max & Misty gave us a fresher pespective on loss, & we have sympathy, compassion, & love for everyone who experiences loss.

Take Time

Our babies got a good amount of attention & love, but there were some days we wouldn't pet them very much because of our schedule. We wish we would have carved out a little more time in our days to really take special time with each of them.

Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you will ever go through in life. Everyone grieves differently, & you will most likely think of all the things you wish you would have done with them. That is why it is so important to say your "I love you's" & to spend time with the pets & people that God has placed in your life. If you have regrets at the end of the day, give them to God, & know you will find peace in Him.


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