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Love & Loss

Summer is usually thought of as a carefree time of year, but life is full of bittersweet moments. In June, we suddenly lost our two beloved pets. Our babies were family to us, & offered so much love, joy, & laughter.

Pets understand what we cannot express & offer nothing but love & gratitude in return. Simple moments, holidays, & traditions are no longer the same. Routines are different, & the house seems larger & emptier without our furry companions following us & slipping their sweet faces under our hands for attention.

Thirteen year old Misty was our Miniature Schnauzer who loved us to sing to her; in fact, she would run from the other room to find us if she heard our voices raised with melodies she thought were intended for her alone. Misty enjoyed dancing with us, cuddle time, sneaking upstairs to share secrets with Mama and Marissa, playing hide & seek, praying with us, & much more.

Ten year old Max was our Golden Retriever, a big furry mama's boy who loved the whole family, just like Misty did. Max highly desired cuddling and baby talk, & loved touching our faces with his clumsy paw. Max devoured ice cubes, & had to be the best at hide & seek, but his favorite activity was just being his mama's shadow all day. Both of our precious pets went to school with us & were a large part of our daily activities.

Because they both passed away unexpectedly (due to natural causes of aging), we have created prints in remembrance of them...

Click here to watch the making of their portraits, & click here to see their sweet faces on our website.

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Aug 18, 2021

What a beautiful sentiment to your pets. I lost both of my kitties last year in 2020. If life wasn't difficult and challenging as it was, losing two of the sweetest girls ever at 17 1/2 and 18 1/2 only 6 months apart was enough to put me over the edge. I found peace in opening my home to two sweet boys in a rescue facility. They both are feline leukemia positive, they deserve a happy home with more love than they ever would have had anywhere! I am so sorry to hear this story of Max and Misty.. We love our furry friends unconditionally... Beau will be blessed to be with you all!!❤️

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