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Introducing: What We're Loving as a Mother/Daughter Duo

Welcome to our newest blog series: What We're Loving as a Mother/Daughter Duo!

In our upcoming blog posts, we'll share things we're loving, memories we're cherishing, & what's on our hearts.

To begin this new series, here's what we're loving right now:

01. A Mother/Daughter Moment

We have some exciting, up & coming plans in this space, & moments like these are so sweet. Everything has moved by so quickly, but moments like these make time stop.

02. Florals are Here at Melane & Co.

We're excited to announce florals have arrived at the Co.! These custom pieces are the bouquets that will never wilt.

03. All Things Pinterest

From architectural inspiration to photoshoot ideas, we adore Pinterest. If you'd like to see what we're loving, take a peek at Terri, Marissa, or Melane & Co.'s Pinterest pages.

04. Sending Our Keepsake Cards

With every letter we write, we send it with a Melane & Co. card. We handpick our cards based on our recipient's interests. For example, if one of our friends is an animal lover, we may choose a deer card. Or, if they appreciate all things elegant, we may gift them with a swan card.

05. Reminiscing Over Old Photos

Looking back at old photos provides a sentimentality like no other. There's so many "remember this?" moments.

06. Warmer Weather

We're soaking up the warmer weather by walking together & creating with colorful hues. Last year, we released these butterfly cards, a true monarch moment.

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