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  • Marissa Hitt

Why Your Home is a Love Story Pt. 1

The house I live in is the only house I can remember living in. This roof over my head my family & I call home has seen our everyday moments, several furry family members, & a handful of joyful moments. After a long day, each of us know we can come to two familiar places: the arms of each other & our home.

I have so many memories here. I know where the floorboards creek, & where books full of beautiful children’s illustrations that I read with Mom are saved. Our kitchen is a room that has been a place full of dances with our Goldens & Miniature Schnauzers and laughter with each other. We have hosted holidays here, & created memories that will always be with me.

Recently, I came to the realization that our home is a love story, & I hope you knowingly cherish that yours is, too.

Your home is a place to gather for holidays, birthdays, & the small, yet meaningful, joyful moments.

Your home is the place your children will remember best, & where some of their most treasured memories will reside.

Your home reflects your personal style, & we hope each of our paintings bring a little extra joy into your space.

Your home is where your family is, a place you can come together after a long day.

Your home is a love story.

A story beautifully written, with more pages to come.

- Marissa


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