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  • Marissa Hitt

A Step By Step Process of a Custom Yorkie Watercolor Pet Portrait

Hi, it’s Marissa here!

I want to give you an inside look on the step by step process of a pet portrait. Each pet painting takes approximately 10 or more hours, & documenting the progress is one of my favorite facets of the painting process.

Putting paint to paper, I began creating the ears. To ensure the pet can fit to the size of the paper, I develop the ears first, because the ears are typically one of the widest parts of any dog or cat portrait. However, I have created other animals too!

After the ears and top of the head, I work my way down to the eyes. With watercolors, there is plenty of “shading” and layering. That is why the eyes can take some time, as I strive to reflect your pet’s personality through the portrait. All the details of a painting are important to me, & it’s a gift to create such keepsakes.

Traveling down the paper with my paints, I shape the nose and surrounding shape of your pet’s hair.

Once the nose is put in place, I begin to create the mouth, & when requested, I’ll paint a pink-tinted tongue out.

Following the face is the upper-body. The body is typically made up of fluid brushstrokes. I strive to showcase this silky effect, as well as the illusion that you could reach out & pet the portrait itself!

Towards the end of the process, I apply any touch-ups. Then, I send a photo to you, to see if there are any minor changes you would like added to your pet’s portrait.

When completely finished, I will scan the portrait, which allows us to create the painting as a print. Here's the scanned image of this sweet little Yorkie!

Every brushstroke is made with intention, & I’m blessed to share this gift of art with you.

- Marissa


2023 Jenny Shipley Senior Marissa Party Digital-68_edited.jpg
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