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FAQs - Pet Portrait Edition

We believe our pets are more than just pets, they are a part of the family.

We also believe each pet is one of a kind, & we strive for your pet's portrait to reflect their personality, & all of the special details your pet has.

Capturing the heart of your beloved pet through watercolor is the goal. We desire each of our pieces to be treasured keepsakes, & to bring even more joy to you & your family.

Pets play a huge role in each household, & our mission is to reflect their personalities in each custom portrait.

We receive plenty of questions about our pet portraits, & we want to answer some of them in this blog post!

How long does it take to paint a pet portrait?

Marissa: Each portrait takes about 7-10 hours, depending on how much detail the portrait entails, as well as how large the painting is. This doesn't include corresponding with our amazing pet owners, wrapping up orders, responding to emails, & more. When you order a Melane & Co. staple, whether that be a pet portrait, some cards, or a print (or two!) to add more joy to your walls, it was created with time, care, & shipped with excited anticipation of your delight.

How can I order a pet portrait?

Marissa & Terri: Our pet portrait order process is designed to ensure we create a joyful portrait for you, & it is simple & easy to request a custom painting. After filling out our custom pet portrait form, we will send you an email asking you for photos to refer to, so we can email you a quote, as well as begin working on your precious pet's painting!

Can you add extra details to the portrait?

Marissa: I absolutely enjoy adding extra details to your pet's portrait upon request! Our mission is to gift you with a portrait of your pet that truly matches their personality. I can add details to the portrait such as their name, the year, an outfit, a bow, & more. Take a look!

Once you order a painting of your precious pet, we will make sure their sweet soul will be featured in a portrait that will be your keepsake for many years to come. Animal lovers understand that pets (whether they are furry, scaled, feathery, etc.) are our family members, & we strive for each of our custom portraits to reflect their loving, quirky, & joyful personalities.

After all,


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