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  • Marissa Hitt

The Custom Pet Portrait Process: From Picture, to Painting, to Wall Print

Our pet portraits represent both quality & quantity:

The Picture

After you fill out our quick custom pet portrait form, we will ask you to email us a photo of your pet. With good lighting and a clear photograph, we can begin the process of the painting.

The Painting

Taking inspiration from your pet’s photograph, we create a portrait that showcases their personality. With intention behind each brushstroke, your pet’s painting becomes a timeless keepsake.

The Print

Once the portrait is complete & we receive your approval, we will scan your pet’s painting. Saving the scanned image allows us to turn your pet’s painting into multiple prints or cards for you & your loved ones.

The Joy

We believe pets are a part of the pack. They’re the honorary family members of the household - the ones you can cuddle with after a difficult day, the ones who rely on you, & you rely on them. Pets provide joy, & we strive to reflect this joy in their painting, prints, & cards.

Interested in turning your pet's portrait into a print (or two)? Email us at


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