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Answered Questions Pt. 2

People often wonder what it is like to create and operate an online business with my teenaged daughter. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to experience my life & this job with Marissa.

Melane & Co. is so much more than a job or a brand. For us, it signifies the creation & sharing of joy. Simple joy that captures peace allows a home to be filled with a mood that centers & bonds each person living there. With Melane & Co., we purposely try to create pieces that make your home a sanctuary of innocence & light.

Let me share a few of the questions I get asked about how & why we offer Melane & Co. pieces with the hope of spreading joy.

What made you decide to work together?

Marissa & I have always been close. We work well together and always excitedly share ideas, as well as dreams with each other regularly. Although I already run a ministry & podcast, Marissa often helps me with social media posts, & she is an important extension of what I do. Working together to create & grow Melane & Co. is a natural process stemming from the values and artistic views shared with "Live With Eternal Perspective" & values we have often spoken of.

Who does the painting? At a visit to a Parents as Teachers event when she was about 18 months old, Marissa found an easel in one of the playrooms & painted her first masterpice. It looked like a little girl looking at a flower. Since we had already raised two children, I knew that this piece was exceptional for her age. Marissa continued to paint most of her life, taking a short break before her pre-teen years. When she began painting again, making a goal to create something daily, her work exposed her gentleness and love of animals. Each Melane & Co. piece is created by her talented hands.

Do you offer other items? At this time we offer custom watercolor pet portraits, prints, and cards.

We have big plans for the future, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. I'm a dreamer. Marissa actually has to pull me back to earth far more than I have to reach for her. The two of us balance each other in business well.

Do you paint, too? The only painting I've done is for Marissa's nursery walls, bedroom walls, and playroom walls. I share more about this special nursery here.

My paintbrush has since been hung up to dry. While I have visions in my mind & many of ideas, Marissa has the raw talent. Her pieces look beautiful while mine look very technical. I may have plenty of ideas, but she actually views the world with an artistic eye and sensitivity that translates to her work.

Do you both agree on things like design concepts and social media such as the website, etc.? Marissa and I share very similar taste. We usually remark on things we see with the same or very similar comments & agreed every step of the way during the design of our website and each item created so far. We both bring important talents to Melane & Co. that support and complement each other.


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