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Gift Guide: For the Animal Lover

Gift guide for alpaca and dog animal lovers

From wall prints to cards... Here's some pretty presents for the animal lover

in your life. 🐾

Melane & Co. alpaca watercolor art painting wall print gift for animal lover

🦙 Hello, Alpaca Wall Print - This art piece is for the fun, kind-hearted friend. The one who loves a bit of pink & who's always ready for a bit of adventure. Cozy, sweet, & always in-season, our alpaca wall print is for the person who just gets you.

🦢 Swan Greeting Cards - These cards are for the person in your life who exudes elegance. Trustworthy & always ready with a pen in hand, these notecards are for the special family member or friend who's sentimental.

Melane & Co. swan notecards gift idea

🦝 Hello, Raccoon Wall Print - This wall print is for the person on your list who loves nature & adores cabin, woodland-inspired decor. Daring & darling, this wall print would certainly suit the nature lover in your life.

Melane & Co. raccoon woodland decor art print gift idea

🐕 Golden Retriever Wall Print - Loyal, good-hearted, & maybe a little goofy... Our Golden Retriever wall print is for the lively person

on your list.

Melane & Co. Golden Retriever wall print gift idea for dog lover

Melane & Co. Schnauzer dog wall print art painting gift

🐾 Schnauzer Dog Wall Print - A salt & pepper dog with bright, loving eyes, this wall print is for the dog-lover with a bit of inner spunk.

Looking for more gifts to give?


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