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How to Make Gift-Giving Easier This Season

It's that time of year again. There is so much joy to be cherished during the holidays, but sometimes, it can be overwhelming. If you happen to be hosting, you may have an incredibly busy schedule. If you have little ones who want all the gifts, well, we feel for you, but you can make it through. We hope to take some weight off your shoulders with this short blog post.

Have Your Little Ones Make a Wishlist

It's hard for mom & dad to remember everything those little hands point out at the store, so let's put the kiddos to work. We recommend having your littlest draw what they want, your middle write down a list of all of the things they want for Christmas, & your oldest can compile a digital note with links/specific stores to their desired gifts. Remember to remind the kids:

  1. Be as specific as possible (we know a dollhouse is on the list, but what color?)

  2. Every item on the list may not be received

  3. List gifts in order of what is most wanted - to what can definitely be lived without

Remind them a "wish" is simply a desire, & if they don't get a present they wanted this year, tell them they can ask on their birthday, use their own income/allowance, or wait until next Christmas. After your children have completed their lists, have them give them you & you can plan your shopping.

Check Their Lists Twice, Then Make One (or Two) Just For You

After reading through their wishlists, we suggest making one of your own. Here's a few different scenerios of shopping:

After all the shopping is complete (finally!) you can begin preparing your kiddos for Christmas day. Here are our tips to make gift-giving 7 the excitement of the day as smooth as possible:

It's Okay If Things Don't Go as Planned

Life happens to happen, & it's okay if there is a meltdown or two or if your little ones are still learning to get along with other kids. Say a little prayer, & know that if everything went perfectly in life, we wouldn't be able to have half of the fun memories we cherish now.


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