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Gift-Giving Tips

Holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, & more gift-worthy occassions are filled with acts of giving & receiving. The most wonderful time of the year takes place when giving gifts to others is the top priority. How joyful is that? Everyone enjoys giving & receiving gifts.

For little ones, toys or games (that may or may not be played with for only a matter of a couple days) are exciting, but with age, we realize it is the gifts that can last for a lifetime are the ones we hold closest to our hearts. We want to help you purchase those joyful, timeless, & altogether meaningful gifts. We hope these general ideas & the basics of gift-giving help you with any kind of gifts you plan on giving.

Different Types of Gifts

We believe there are three general types of gifts to give to others:

The Material - The material gifts are the ones that can be timeless, used on a day-to-day basis, & can be used with joy. Material gifts can be quite meaningful, if chosen well.

Lovely Little Words - There is a reason cards can be found in birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, & more. Sweet words wrapped in cards are like the icing on the cake.

The Experiences - Gifts can come as experieces, such as a trip for the family, game tickets, shopping sprees with family or friends, concert tickets, & more. The gifts that promise experience are some of the most memorable, because they hold the gift itself, as well as time with a person you love or the people you cherish.

General Gift-Giving Questions to Ask Yourself

It can be easy to get wrapped up in simply trying to find gifts to give, but picking out gifts with intention can ensure that your family members or friends receive presents from you that are incredibly meaningful to them. Here's a list of questions to ask yourself before purchasing some gifts:

How to Make Gift-Giving Easier

Our Mini Gift Guide

The Sparrow print is a cute companion for any wall. Printed with high-quality cardstock & inspired by a meaningful Bible verse, our feathered friend makes a timeless decor statement for years to come.

A little birdie is the perfect way to send a sweet message to someone! In addition to our print, the sparrow comes in a single blank card with one envelope or a box of ten blank cards with envelopes.

“The Sparrow” was inspired by Matthew 10:29-31. On the back of each of our sparrow cards, this special verse is carefully printed, so you can send your mail with meaning.

Do you want to gift someone the chance to send a sweet card to someone they care about deerly? Our deer cards come in a box of ten cards with envelopes, or our single deer card with one envelope. Both make an an adorable gift for someone to fawn over.

We hope our insights & gift guide helps you. If you would like to read our exclusive advice through our emails, make sure to become an email list member!



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