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  • Marissa Hitt

The Process of a Pet Portrait

Painting your pet portrait is peaceful & exciting to me. I created this blog post so you could know my thoughts on painting pet portraits, because the process of capturing your pet’s personality on paper is truly special.

First Things First

Before I begin working, I have to find a song I’m in the mood to listen to. I always listen to music while I paint. I simply cannot work by myself without some of my favorite songs!

It’s Late

I get a lot of Melane & Co. work done at night, because I am so productive when the house is quiet. I work on each pet portrait in shifts of 45 minutes to an hour, so I know my hand won’t get too tired, & your painting will be very well done. Each pet portrait takes about 4 days to complete if my schedule is clear (I am currently a Junior in high school, & working with my sweet puppy, Beau takes up a significant part in my day. I also work on other business aspects with Melane & Co., & I have modeling jobs on the side). This is why it is so important to set a date with us for your pet paintings! On our custom pet portrait form, we have a calendar for you to select the date you would like your painting. This helps us know how to manage our schedules, & you can receive your painting at just the right time.

Delightful Details

I add as many details as I can to your pet portraits! When I receive nice photos of your pet, you can be rest assured your pet painting will be detailed & darling. Although I can create a detailed painting with okay photos of your pet, I can confidently paint a detailed pet portrait when I receive high quality photos. Here is an example of nice photos of Misty, our Miniature Schnauzer who recently passed away, & the finished product of her painting. Because I had an “even” natural light, it showed her natural coloring, & her big brown eyes looking towards the camera made the picture very close to perfect. This dear photo of Misty allowed me to confidently add in many of those details to reflect her silky coat & sweet eyes.

If you want to capture even better photos of your pet, I explain how you can achieve great photos of your pet to send to us for use with your pet portrait or to simply post on Instagram in this blog post. We recommend sending in a few photos of your pet if you would like a pet portrait, so we can create a painting that is a perfect addition to your home or for someone you love.

You’re the Judge

Before we send your pet’s portrait to you, we scan the painting & email it to you so you can decide whether or not you would like any small changes to the portrait. This is a step that is so important to us. We desire for you to feel joy every time you see your pet’s portrait. Please note that your pet portrait, when scanned, appears slightly lighter than if it were seen in person. Although We Otter Be Friends is one of our prints & not a custom pet portrait, we will take his enlarged scanned image & enlarged photo as an example.

Shipped With Love

Once you let us know your pet portrait looks pristine, we wrap your pet portrait in high-quality shiny white wrapping paper & eagerly ship it to the address you email to us.


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