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  • Marissa Hitt

What I Learned From my Old House

My house is old, & it is not a “vintage chic” sort of old.

It has simply seen better days.

However, there are several things I have learned from this old house; a house that has grown with me:

I’m used to the creaks the floors make. I know where many of them are, & I can avoid them when I make my way throughout the house after a late night of creating a custom pet portrait while everyone else is asleep.

The small bookshelf beside our front room’s television are books that represent how my reading level has progressed as time has passed.

I’m used to the pattern of scratches on our squeaky doors because of the several furry family members I have grown up with in this house. Spencer, Max, Misty, & now, Beau.

This house holds a multitude of memories, as well, & with each room, I could tell you a quick story.

For example, one of my earliest memories is when Mom painted my room with woodland animals right after we moved in.

The stairway that leads to our second floor was the staircase I walked down before my Dad & I made our way to a daddy/daughter dance held at a civic center when I was six, & that same staircase was the one I went down before going to one of my first dances in seventh grade, & Mom accidentally took a video instead of taking a photo of me. The clip includes me standing at the last stair & her saying, “it went to video again.”

My room’s walls have been painted a few different colors throughout the years, but one of my clearest memories takes place when my most recent wall color was added while Dad tolerated (it wasn’t recorded in the 70’s) my taste in music.

On a daily basis, these special moments do not cross my mind each time I walk into my room or go down the staircase. I remember them every once & a while, but while writing this, I am reminded of just how many memories I have made in this old house. I could tell you many more, but maybe I’ll include some of those in another blog post.

In addition to the memories I have made in my house, I am used to all of it’s creaks, it’s squeaky doors, & it’s clues of past & present dogs.

While writing this, I am reminded that, even though our house may not be new or hold plenty of curb appeal, it does hold so many wonderful memories, an abundance of joyful little moments, my family, & so much more.

Maybe your home isn’t your “dream home” either (my Pinterest is where my dream homes are at), but I’m sure it holds many cute quirks like squeaky doors & scratches thanks to furry family members.

I’m sure it holds your present dreams & your future dreams, as well.

I’m sure it holds a lot of special memories, & I’m sure it will hold many more.


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